Vol. 4, No. 1: Winter 2024

When the times are changing, sometimes you have to do the unexpected to keep on top of them. With the jetsetting for worldwide sports leagues infeasible, an unlikely man invents an unlikely alternative. A man who’s lost his wife and is set to lose his home in a changed economy considers a surprising offer for making ends meet. As heat pushes migrants north, a Dene elder and upstart try to buy time to figure out how to keep their village from being overrun. When fire destroys a precious industrial-age relic of mathematics, a professor looks for the best way forward, and finds a path he never sought. An appreciator of history takes their own small, peculiar jab at entropy. A community in a lifetimes-long feud struggles to find its way after a bad turn. A boy with a hideous wart looks for help from forces a bit outside the usual material plane. These stories join letters and two new essays to help bring in a new year in which we would all do well to keep our eyes out for unexpected solutions.


Introduction   iv
Letters   1
Essays & Reviews    
Cheap Thrills: The Art and Pleasure of Letter Writing Justin Patrick Moore 9
Machine as Symbol David England 18
Two Sonnets Wesley Stine 21
Radioball Dewey Dabbar 25
Floodgates Gustavo Bondoni 39
The Library of the Ratio Daniel Stride 43
The Wart Charmer of Toadbone Road Justin Patrick Moore 55
A Short Guide to Lost Literary Works Jayde Holmes 64
Practicality David England 67
The Surveyor Pierre Magdelaine 76