As the world faces the oncoming reality of declining energy, fraying infrastructure, and other consequences promised to us by the profligacy of the fossil fuel age, we’re left to look into a future that at first appears a trackless wilderness. The monocrop of globalized industrial civilization has handed down precious few frameworks that we can use to understand what it will be like to live in an age of less. It has dealt with its impending dissolution by closing its eyes and pretending it’ll never happen.

And yet if we’re to survive and even thrive in the future, we must have stories. For narrative is how we make sense of our world. The high-glitz fantasies we’re offered these days won’t be much ultimate help, though: visions of spacefaring utopias or serves-us-right armageddons are diverting and perhaps cathartic, but bear little resemblance to the futures we’re actually likely to get.

New Maps is a quarterly journal of short stories that take place in the Earth’s realistic future. Not a paradisiac or apocalyptic end of days, nor an easy continuation of the last few decades’ business-as-usual with somewhat different fashions, but an era in which our ecological and energy bills have come due, and we and our descendants have proceeded to do what people always do: figure out creative ways to keep doing all those things that make up life, the loving and hating and laughing and crying and all the rest, in the times we’ve been given.

This is fiction of real life in an age of limits—an age that, like every other, will mix the tragic and the comic and the who-knows-what-just-happened, and leave it to us to make sense of it all. This is fiction full of cobbled-together and home-brewed technology, reinvented culture with sacred cows butchered and new ones bred, and mourning and celebration of the old world’s end mixed with hope for renewed health and integrity within a homespun patchwork of new ways of life.

The Latest

Summer 2023 Issue Now Available

New Maps readers,

The Summer 2023 issue is — at long last — available! …Mostly. In transit from the printers’ to me, one box of copies got damaged (and sent back before I could say “Hang on, maybe some of them are okay!”), leaving me with only enough copies for three-quarters of U.S. orders. Arbitrarily, I’ve sent out copies to all subscribers from the last three-quarters of the alphabet, starting at “He” — I figure we in the first few letters of the alphabet (I’m a Bonnell) get to be at the front of the line often enough. A new batch is expected to reach my “home warehouse” on September 4, and the rest of U.S. subscribers should see their copies soon after that. International orders should mostly arrive in the first week of September.

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The Spring 2023 Issue Is Out Now

Dear New Maps Readers,

The Spring 2023 issue of New Maps is out now! Subscribers’ copies have been arriving this week in the U.S., with international subscribers a little ahead or behind depending on the country. If you aren’t subscribed, you can get your copy at the Order page now. On the same page you can also subscribe; if you subscribe before May 15, you’ll get this issue as your first. And the digital version is available now at the New Maps Payhip store.

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Winter 2023 “Magic Issue” Now Available

Patient New Maps readers,

The Winter 2023 issue—the Magic Issue—is finally out! It’s on its way to subscribers now; if you aren’t subscribed, you can get a copy now at the order page. In a change of pace, the digital version (usually made available a week or so after the print version) is up now at New Maps’ Payhip store. If you’re not already subscribed, subscribe by March 15 and you’ll still get this issue as the first in your subscription. Full-year packages for 2022 are now available too!

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