The Spring 2024 Issue Is Available Now!

June 6, 2024

New Maps readers,

The Spring 2024 issue of New Maps is now available to order! If you’re a subscriber, more than likely you’ve already gotten your copy, or if not, it’ll be there within a day or two. If you’re not a subscriber, I’ve been a tad late updating the site, but the issue is now available on the order page.

This issue, more than perhaps any previous, is about the children, and how they will inherit this earth. The world (to paraphrase Wendell Berry) is not given to us by our ancestors, but borrowed from our children—and as fast as it’s changing right now, it can be hard to guess what they’ll make of it. But in these stories lie some clues.

A girl with doubt on her horizon finds herself invited in by the witch outside of town, listening to stories of when she was young. Two young women look for answers and safety when the cats in their town begin to go feral in an unexpected way. A group of high-school friends investigate a rash of crimes in their town, and try to put a stop to it — and not only in the official way. Grown now with his own kids but still holding to family tradition, a man visits his parents on a disintegrating Floridian island and suddenly finds his own world falling apart. And two kids in a forest cook gator eggs, with an uncertain past behind them but looking toward the future.

Your humble editor, whose own kid (at 2½) is not yet old enough to understand that the world hasn’t always been exactly as it is—or indeed that the world is larger than the Chequamegon Peninsula—appreciates these visions of the worlds that today’s children may find themselves in. The future is a scary but exciting thing. Much is coming unmade—and with that there will be a chance to remake it.

These stories are joined by a new installment of Cheap Thrills on artists who slip the bounds of both art and their age’s wisdom. Altogether it’s a remarkable and very thought-provoking issue, and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.

A couple other notes

I’ve also just made the Year Package for 2023 (New Maps Vol. 3) available. If you’re interested in getting 2023’s stories all at once, the place is at the order page, and scroll down to the “Year Packages” box. Also, the Spring 2024 issue is available now on Payhip. (Usually the electronic edition follows the print edition by a few weeks, but this time I’m making them available simultaneously considering that spring is nearly over).

Happy reading,

Nathanael Bonnell