The Fall 2023 Issue Is Out Now

November 24, 2023

New Maps readers,

I’m happy to announce the arrival of the latest issue, Fall 2023. If you’re a subscriber, you may have already gotten your copy, or it should be arriving within the next week. If you’re not subscribed, you can get an individual copy at the Order page.

Attention subscribers! A majority of subscriptions expire this time of year. If your subscription isn’t auto-renewing, remember to renew it now at the Order page, so you don’t miss the Winter issue! If you’re not sure when your subscription is good through, you can drop me a line to confirm at

Misty and Ivor stuffing envelopes for the Fall issue.

What’s inside this time? Well …

Some will find a path, and some will get lost along the way: this is the nature of the transition to a new world. And the decisions that make the difference can be obvious or exceedingly subtle. An uneasy therapist struggles to help a young man who has simply lost interest in the deteriorating future. A couple’s vacation, derailed when their idyll is punctured, becomes increasingly surreal, and escape uncertain. A woman’s visit to a place from her past is put in danger by a strange and delicate new situation there. An indebted young salesman finds that his new territory will challenge not just his acumen but his ability to stay alive. A boy living at an e-waste dump, scrambling just to survive, has to contend with a new difficulty. A worker from an offshore wind farm, its future questionable, wonders what to do with his life.

This issue also sees Justin Patrick Moore turn to the topic of slack and why it’s not just SubGeniuses from the ’70s who should consider working it into their lives, and your humble editor has come back to writing as well, with an essay on how communities come together during hard times. And several letters look at the topic I recently brought up, of whether to extract New Maps from the Amazon ecosystem.

A few other things to mention

  • A typo on my part, unbeknownst to me, made it impossible to order the Summer 2023 issue from some countries, including the U.S. That’s now been fixed; you can get the Summer ’23 issue the normal way now, whichever country you’re in.
  • Issues from the first year of New Maps are now available only as a full-year package (which is orderable at the Order page. (The system I use places a limit on how many different individual issues I can list; I could, possibly, get around this, but keeping my stocks of the various Volume 1 issues balanced will be one less thing to worry about this way.)
  • The Amazon question (see here) hasn’t been fully settled yet, but simple time constraints mean the system (and thus the pricing) hasn’t been changed as of this issue.

Thanks for your support, and happy reading!

Nathanael Bonnell