Vol. 1, No. 1: Winter 2021

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As the industrial era drains away and new worlds take its place, the future proves to be a strange and multifarious place: home to people as different as a young lover from just outside town, and a vagabond entomologist who’s walked across a continent; a devotee of a war divinity held in prison, and a devotee of a love divinity traveling with the circus; a dangerously officious manager, and a grudge-toting disgruntled worker; a wise grandmother at home, and a senior couple forced into squatting far from home. New stories, new worlds, new beginnings: come along for the journey in this first issue of New Maps.


Introduction   iv
Letters to the Editor   v
Essays & Reviews    
Some Notes on Cartography & Storytelling Nathanael Bonnell 3
Book Reviews   8
Rhyme and Reason Pierre Magdelaine 15
Hearts in Motion Dawn Vogel 25
The Inspector’s Legacy Daniel Chawner 29
Hot Chips Jonathan Reif 45
Squatting Jeff Burt 51
The Lore of Bread David England 61
Characters Written in Blood and Milk G. Kay Bishop 65
When the Circus Came to Town Violet Bertelsen 75