Vol. 3, No. 3: Summer 2023

Only time can finally determine which of today’s putative marvels we’ll miss, which we’ll forget, which we’ll sustain and even amplify, which we’ll bid good riddance to. In this issue, a weather forecaster struggles to get data when something as simple as helium has become inaccessible. A storyteller is captivated by the power of simple photographs. A private hyper-secured island for the wealthy, when the wealthy stop coming, becomes an attractive prize for the people it was built to keep out — but at what cost to them? An itinerant bookseller learns unwelcome truths about a former age’s artificial intelligences. And environmental conservation taken to a technological extreme must suddenly be reassessed against the changing world around it. With new letters and poetry and an article on the future of radio, this issue offers much to think about on what we’ll bring forward to the future.


Introduction   iv
Letters   1
Essays & Reviews    
Cheap Thrills: Radio’s Next Golden Age Justin Patrick Moore 11
And There Was WB Rice 20
Rocketsonde Clint Spivey 25
Luna the Kitten Wesley Stine 42
Lights Out Cal Bannerman 60
Navigating the Immortals Anthony St. George 66
Glâcehouse R. Jean Mathieu 81