Vol. 1, No. 3: Summer 2021

Issue Details

This overstuffed issue sees the beginning of a regular column on entertainment in the deindustrial age, the first poetry published in New Maps, and the first installment of a new episodic story of a pair of future lawkeepers. These are joined by six excellent new stories that bring us an unorthodox entrepreneur and the possible future of AI; an army officer from the Territories of Menominee under the Queen of the Eastern Canadas; a young man jarred to find himself stumbling into another world; a ragged band’s tale of terror and survival in an impenetrable forest; a young hunter out to prove his worth; and a prospective emigrant who’s faced with having to make a deal. Whatever your hemisphere, enjoy the cool nights of the season with a lively new issue of New Maps.


Introduction   iv
Letters   v
Cheap Thrills: A Complexity of Spectacles Justin Patrick Moore 7
Tough Times for Wandering Luddites Nathanael Bonnell 16
Sundries & Episodes    
Last Aspirations from the Fortress World Richard Helmling 27
The Circuit Rider, Ep. 1: Mount Up David Littlehale 29
In the Outage Don Mark Baldridge 35
A Hollow Honor David England 49
Without Possession Alistair Herbert 67
Return Derek Dellinger 81
Tȟatȟaŋka Ska Joe Tankersley 97
The Islands Daniel Crawford 103