Vol. 4, No. 2: Spring 2024

The world is not given by our ancestors, but borrowed from our children— and what will they make of it, changed as it will be? In these stories lie some clues. A girl with doubt on her horizon finds herself invited in by the witch outside of town, listening to stories of when she was young. Two young women look for answers and safety when the cats in their town begin to go feral in an unexpected way. A group of high-school friends investigate a rash of crimes in their town, and try to put a stop to it — and not only in the official way. Grown now with his own kids but still holding to family tradition, a man visits his parents on a disintegrating Floridian island and suddenly finds his own world falling apart. And two kids in a forest cook gator eggs, with an uncertain past behind them but looking toward the future. With these stories and a column about artists who slip the bounds of both art and their age’s wisdom, welcome spring with a new issue of New Maps.

Introduction   iv
Letters   1
Cheap Thrills: The Artist as Something Else Justin Patrick Moore 5
The Stranger Pierre Magdelaine 17
A Plague of Cats Kelpie Wilson 29
Shed Burner Eric Backos 35
Paid Time Off KJ Shepherd 70
Bummel and Lam Beau Watkins 92