Vol. 3, No. 4: Fall 2023

Some will find a path, and some will get lost along the way: this is the nature of the transition to a new world. And the decisions that make the difference can be obvious or exceedingly subtle. An uneasy therapist struggles to help a young man who has simply lost interest in the deteriorating future. A couple’s vacation, derailed when their idyll is punctured, becomes increasingly surreal, and escape uncertain. A woman’s visit to a place from her past is put in danger by a strange and delicate new situation there. An indebted young salesman finds that his new territory will challenge not just his acumen but his ability to stay alive. A boy living at an e-waste dump, scrambling just to survive, has to contend with a new difficulty. A worker from an offshore wind farm, its future questionable, wonders what to do with his life. These six stories of endings and beginnings, joined by new columns and new letters, fill a fitting issue for the uncertain fall of an uncertain year.


Introduction   iv
Letters   1
Essays & Reviews    
Cheap Thrills: In Search of Lost Slack Justin Patrick Moore 7
The More We Get Together Nathanael Bonnell 16
The Wetlands Daniel Vollaro 23
The Rout Home Patrick Sweeney 41
Flowers in the Mud Gustavo Bondoni 57
Death Instinct Daniel Crawford 62
All Things Measured G. Kay Bishop 78
Flickering Islands Nicolas Fatras 104