Vol. 2, No. 4: Fall 2022

How do we face the deindustrial future when we’re all alone? An isolated research team in the long Greenlandic night looks for the source of a mysterious disruption to a glacier-preserving project. A mother and daughter far from land receive a strange visitor. A system admin alone in a tower tries to keep the data flowing when a new threat appears. And how do we face it with our communities? Two high-schoolers look for help to create a business for a changed future. A small town’s only optometrist wonders if he’s being replaced when an apprentice turns up. A young man’s disappearance offers a clue important to his whole village.

These stories are joined by columns and letters on the importance of different ways of thinking, new field notes, and more, helping beautifully round out the second year of New Maps.


Introduction   iv
Letters   1
Essays & Reviews    
Cheap Thrills: The Power of Three Justin Patrick Moore 7
Whither English? Nathanael Bonnell 17
Field Notes Contributed by readers 26
The Mythmaker’s Daughter Pierre Magdelaine 31
Greenland JJ Dettman 44
Building and Loan Eric Rust Backos 56
The Optometrist’s Apprentice Clint Spivey 61
BlackRabbit C.M. Barnes 76
Jacob’s Ladder Wesley Stine 86