Vol. 1, No. 4: Fall 2021

The first year of New Maps wraps up with a panoramic and vivid collection of new stories, starting with a new graphic adaptation of the journey of a bicycleman and a cell phone technician to solve their South African village’s problem. Then: a connection shared between lovers of the night sky; a surreal climb to the top of a derelict skyscraper, and a peculiar descent to the bottom of the sea; new visitors to a group living amidst the trash heaps of yesteryear; and an epic expedition through strange new landscapes and cultures in hopes of bringing new life to old lore. These together with the continuing story of the circuit rider, a column on dream foraging, new letters, and more, bring the first year of New Maps wonderfully around the circle.


Introduction   iv
Letters   1
Essays & Reviews    
Cheap Thrills: Dream Foraging Justin Patrick Moore 13
Editor’s Soapbox: …And I Feel Fine Nathanael Bonnell 20
Sundries & Episodes    
The Circuit Rider, Ep. 2:
Death in Flowers / Death of Fury
David Littlehale 29
Bicycleman Sakhile
and the Cell Tower
Marcu Knoesen,
with Kieran O’Neill and Bruno Chiroleu
Love in the Dark Jonathan Reif 55
The Hermit of 29th Street Catherine McGuire 60
When Science and the Gods Fail Dawn Vogel 67
Trash Pierre Magdelaine 68
Luke Maxwell Wesley Stine 87